Become The Dream Team 

To become an official IBPSA-USA member, join the team of professionals around North America for $45/year. IBPSA-SD has no chapter dues. Typically, the San Diego chapter meetings are free, so to participate, you simply: 1) join the mailing list, 2) show up and 3) enjoy the resources the community gathers. We operate based on local firm support and through the community. 

You can also email us an image of your work to add to the Gallery or post a blog!


Email us if you want to be a speaker on an energy modeling topic. We arrange a month / time when you are available. Here are the guidelines:

  1. We require that the energy modeling topic involves a technical knowledge depth

  2. We require that advertising / promotions are kept to a minimum during the presentation. It's not a sales pitch. However, advertisement or promotions can be arranged elsewhere (newsletter, event page, emails). 

  3. You email us a draft copy 3 to 7 days prior for comments. The final copy will be on the IBPSA-SD Resources section.

Here are the reasons why you should volunteer to be a speaker:

  1. Have the option to be on the sponsor list.

  2. Be apart of the non-profit and claim to be an active member of IBPSA-SD chapter for the year of speaking. 

  3. Gain reputation for a technical knowledge depth within the energy modeler community.

  4. Receive our deepest gratitude and love as a wonderful person.


Want to be even more involved? Have your own ideas? Want to start a digital marketing campaign?