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2018 just got here, meaning that the next code cycle is just around the corner.

Major Updates

  • California Title 24 - The 45-day public review period has begun for Title 24, Part 6 (energy efficiency requirements)and Part 11 (CALGreen). You have until Feb 20th to submit a written comment. Notable changes are involving alternate indoor lighting system.

How? Email AND with the subject line: Docket No 17-BSTD-02.

  • ASHRAE 90.1 - Although I haven't seen any talks about ASHRAE 90.1 - 2019, but public review period for ASHRAE 90.1 - 2016 addendum is happening right now until March 11th. The following highlighted changes are observed:

  • Receptacle Power Density Reduction - Similar to LPD reduction if certain control measures are used, you can also apply 10% reduction in your RPD in the proposed.

  • When there are onsite renewable energy system, leased or "contractual agreement" must be extend to at least 15 years to count.

  • Appendix G - Sizing Run: For cooling sizing runs in residential dwelling units, the infiltration, occupants, lighting, and receptacle equipment hourly schedule shall be the same as the most commonly used hourly weekday schedule for the annual simulation (instead of the peak schedule).

Did you notice other changes we'd missed? Comment below.

In Other World News

Chapter Updates

Our first meeting of the year is here!

Description: The widely popular free software developed by NREL, Open Studio, is a graphical user interface for EnergyPlus engine. In California, CBECC-COM is also utilizing Open Studio to generate compliance models. With open-source API, there are many applications that promises a better workflow and utilization of energy modeling at a faster and more efficient pace. Join us as our chapter members share our workflow as well as tips/tricks we use in the industry.

  • Using Open Studio with HoneyBee/Ladybug

  • Sharing Version Updates / Project Controls

  • Using Open Studio in Energy Auditting / Retrocomissioning

  • Using Open Studio Measures Library and Scripting

If you'd like to share and show off your workflow, bring a 5-slides presentation or your labtop to the event to share. We'll try to record as much as we can.

Speakers: Our chapter expert, Fabian Posadas, will be spearheading the discussion and moderator.

To RSVP: Click here. (Help us estimate the food/beverages)

Refreshments and beverages are provided. Bring a co-worker and win an orange.

If you recall from our last blog, our monthly 1-minute video is launching in the coming month. Stay tuned!

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