Bullet Updates. Literally.


  • It's Meme of the Month time.


  • Changes are coming: Driving is hard. Having kids is probably harder. This month, IBPSA-USA started to have chapter meetings where the core organizers share insights and feedbacks about how their chapters are run, their successes, and pretty much that. Being a young chapter, we are a very active chapter in 2017, but if you have noticed, it has been winding down in 2018. Does this mean our core organizers are tired and burned out? IBPSA-SD is so short lived? Well, my friend, it's entirely up to you. The club was started to connect our small population in San Diego, and frankly, you know there are times when you have a burning software question you can't resolved within your company. So you'd email a friend, not a competitor nor an frenemy. We become better and make the world better when we help each other become better. This is the true mission of our chapter. Our activities don't have to be at chapter meetings, but through these personal connections we made since last year. We are likely going to through some kind of restructuring and figuring out. What are your thoughts on how we can be better connected without the hassle?

  • Keep in Touch: ibpsa.sd@gmail.com will always be open to any member behind the screen.

  • Winter Quarter Meeting: Anyone has an interesting topic they'd like to present? Or show off your cool project this year. We'll buy you a beer, or two. :)

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