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  • In the upcoming Green Build 2018, surely, their net zero energy certification is going to be a big announcement. So what does it means for energy modelers? What happens to the EAp2 and EAc1 we're so familiar with? Based on what we know, chances are energy modeling will become even more relevant. You know, unless they throw in the whole thing about not needing modeling anymore and just using the post-occupancy M&V, then we'll switch careers then. Or, maybe calibration will become even more relevant.

  • The next step: carbon - neutrality. The Formula for Net Zero isn't cutting edge stuff. We know exactly what it is. Net Zero Energy Building = f(Clean Self-Generation, Storage) - f( High Performing Envelope, Zonal HVAC, LED lights, Responsive Controls to Occupants Needs, Passive Strategies) For crying out loud, the first net zero energy home probably dated back to the igloos. We're just un-doing our bad habits and moving away from designs that are not climate-effective and while trying to use cost-effectiveness as a measure. Reaching completely carbon neutral is our truest goal. While that GHG multipliers are dictated by agencies and will continue in the next decades (many thanks, SB100), we should follow UCOP example's : carbon neutral by 2025. For urban planners and capital improvement strategist, what better way to build your future than with your energy modelers? It's time to tie GIS information with building simulation, otherwise we'd just be blind mice leading blind mice.

  • It's almost 2019. For the folks in residential, this decade will affects you more so than commercial. Understanding the intricacies with CBECC-RES is no easy feat. Check out our last meeting to catch some of the buzz.

  • Open Studio Users and EnergyPlus. Moving to JSON was the bigger news last year. The new version of EnergyPlus already incoporates some of the changes announced. As users, we can stick with what we know or experiment with the upgrade. I'm still using v8.7... but if you've already upgrade to v9.0.1 - what's your thoughts?

  • The Culture of Sharing. People were mind-blow when Google opened up their Machine Learning framework, TensorFlow, to the world. Why would they do that? Why not capitalized on what you spent on creating? I think I can safely say that each energy modelers who become fed up with the tools they are given and create better workflow/magical new tool face this dilemma. You know you created value, but how do you go about capturing the return. In most cases, we don't have a platform to do so, therefore, we kept in our safety boxes, occasionally share it at conference in the form of Powerpoint Slides, and watched another person re-inventing the wheels. The job of innovation seems to fall to our software vendors and national labs who has a different timeline than we do. It seemed like a dilemma as well as an opportunity, waiting to be solved. Our modeling culture of productive just isn't there yet. And yet, just look at the possibilities to leading examples of tech. What make us different?

  • Nomination for IBPSA-USA Board Position.

  • IBPSA-Equalities Committee launched the Pilot Mentorship Program! Applications due November 30th. If you have trouble finding your pathway before as a mechanical engineer, architect, or an energy modelers - we want to connect you some of the leading minds in the building simulation industry. Would you like to mentor the local students in San Diego? Send us an email!

  • Events around San Diego

  • Women in Green because not all of us are going to Green Build 2018

  • It's meme of the newsletter time...


As people move away and realign their interests, we're looking for taking ownership of IBPSA-SD and be emerged with our contacts outside of San Diego. If you're interested, give us a holla at ibpsa.sd@gmail.com.

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