Chapter 10 Meeting: What's New in Compliance Modeling under Title 24, 2019?


Please welcome Harshana Thimmanna (LEED AP, WELL AP, BEMP) to our '18 quarterly meeting and to keep us all updated on what's going on with the Title 24 (part 6 in particular) 2019 and how it affects compliance modeling.

This is particularly interesting because 2019/2020 is a landmark year for residential sector where homes are required to meet the new "ZNE code". Our AIA friends published a ZNE primer earlier this year that explains the changes to residential requirements quite simply.

On the non-residential sector side, requirements are likely not as stringent until the 2030 code cycle. Until then, Harshana is going to share with us what's the updates for non-residential right now from the February published draft and what we can anticipate for. Along with the draft, CBECC-COM and CBECC-RES 2019 Research versions have been out a couple months. There are some new updates to the software that we're excited to dissect.

Nevertheless, our chapter meeting welcomes questions about compliance modeling in general and discussion about CBECC-Com (and CBECC-Res) tips / tricks. We've previously discussed workarounds, workflows between software, what 3rd party compliance software can't do, and what you need to have that smooth sail between software.

We will be serving drinks and foods. Have any favorite to request? Feel to let us know @

Don't forget to RSVP via eventbrite for that calendar and helping us gage the foods situation.

See you all on Thursday night!

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